R2F provides accurate aerial data required to deliver their clients projects efficiently and successfully.
It is our aim to align ourselves with the values and objectives of our clients and provide them with actionable and accurate aerial data.
We specialise in acquisition and processing of accurate and valuable insights for building and construction, mining & aggregates, engineering, environmental and agricultural projects using remote piloted aircraft, advanced photogrammetric software and analysis of aerial computer vision using machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence algorithms.


Remote piloted inspections cut costs, deliver efficiencies and improve quality outcomes when used as an alternative to or to compliment traditions inspections. R2F can provide, photo inspections, centimetre accurate 2D orthomosaics, maps, as well as 3D virtual models to equip technical personnel and engineers with accurate and actionable data.

R2F can provide a full range of aerial asset inspection services including;
• Vertical Asset Inspections
• Heritage Building Inspection
• Dilapidation Surveys
• Bridge & Tower Inspection
• Survey and Inspection of High Risk Areas
• Thermal/Infra-Red
• Dams & Spillways
• Sewerage Treatment facilities


R2F can quickly and safely capture high quality actionable data so our clients can produce more accurate estimates, generate cut and fill reports and create plans that detail on ground and site conditions.
We can quickly survey your job site and build scaled maps or models that are accessible via web browser. Instead of using human resources & expensive surveying tools you can get the job done in half the time & cost, with superior detail and high accuracy.

R2F provide solutions for your projects including;

• Monitoring and reporting of progress on site
• Measurement and Analysis of Site Conditions
• Dilapidation Surveys and Site Assessments
• Stock Pile & Cut/Fill Analysis
• 3d Modelling of Terrain and Structures
• QC/QA Inspections
• Pre-Pour Documentation